What We Do

We assess the effectiveness of brand campaign implementation, evaluate and develop the essential skills of customer facing teams, deliver actionable recommendations and provide effective sustainability plans.

Brand Strategy Implementation 

Assessing the Effectiveness of Brand Campaign Implementation – Using on-line technology and ‘real life’ brand and skills evaluation tools we provide Qualitative and Quantitative evaluation of effectiveness across all teams including brand and marketing, training and customer engagement.


Sales Team Optimisation

Evaluating and Developing Sales Team Effectiveness – We work with either real healthcare professionals or your internal management to evaluate the abilities of your teams to sell and communicate effectively utilising on-line platforms and evaluation centres.


Implementation and Sustainability

Delivering Effective Implementation & Sustainability Plans – Analysis and recommendations are all essential but why leave a client with a problem? The answer is, we don’t! It is essential to develop solutions that address the key findings and then construct a sustainability plan that drives implementation and continual monitoring of progress and development.


Why choose us?…


Our clients say Sapentis is different. We take a holistic approach to our clients’ issues, constantly evolving and adapting to their needs and the results speak for themselves. We are proud of the relationships we have built – once a client commissions us to work for them they stay a long time. We employ and work with only the very best people to provide exceptional service, people who are smart, interesting and are expert in what they do.


  • True partnership and consultancy approach

  • Strong heritage and demonstrable success

  • Rapid engagement and project completion

  • Cost effective, delivering exceptional ROI


Our in-depth data analysis and reporting forms the bedrock of every programme, service and strategy we propose and implement. We apply our experience and intellect to a range of data to provide key insights which underpin our strategic recommendations. The approach we take means that no two routes are ever the same; each is tailored to the specific needs of our clients so they can be assured of the right course of action.

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