Improving Sales Team Employee Retention Rates

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Employees can be open to exploring the job market when they feel unhappy with day to day challenges or the sales team environment. The good news however is there are some useful steps you can take to minimise to improve employee retention rates.

1. Remember to recognise!

  • Show timely and genuine praise when a sales employee goes beyond the call of duty! The sales environment can be a challenging as we know and is all to easy to overlook the ongoing commitment from your team.
  • Make time to recognise genuine achievement and express your appreciation. Be specific about what it is they have done well and the positive implications of their achievement.

2. Provide a clear career development path

  • Taking the career development of your top performing employees seriously is the most effective way to secure their ongoing commitment.
  • In addition make special provision for the new breed of junior sellers. This generation live and breathe social media and the concept of social selling to nurture sales leads.

3. Incentivise your sales team

  • Sales incentives can help employee retention.
  • Internal promotions, improved benefits and salaries, event tickets,
  • These incentives may include title promotions, raises, increased benefits, gifts such as tickets to sporting events or concerts, gift cards to local store or restaurants and weekend getaways to nearby resorts.
  • Depending on how you want to dispense awards, give these incentives to employees who close the most amount of sales during a given time period or hit a certain sales number for the quarter.

4. Sales team evaluation and coaching

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your sales team through evaluation and coaching will help employees feel that they have the support and the necessary tools to achieve their goals and aspirations.
  • From time to time it is advantageous to engage with third party organisations to help evaluate the effectiveness of your sales team. The critical part of this process should be to nurture such development and combine this with organisational appraisal processes and reward schemes. Effective coaching and communication has a direct impact on the happiness of your sales team and is a vital ingredient to support employee retention.

5. Create an inclusive culture where individuals can flourish

  • It’s no surprise that happiness is integral where employee retention is concerned.
  • Aim to provide your sales team with a sense of purpose by developing an inclusive culture where employees feel they have a platform to share their ideas and make a real difference to the success of the organisation.
  • Employees will support the vision they help to create. If employees are not able to contribute, or feel their expertise is not understood or valued, they will lose faith and quickly become disengaged.

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