Implementation and Sustainability

Delivering Effective Implementation & Sustainability Plans…

Analysis and recommendations are all essential but why leave a client with a problem? The answer is, we don’t! It is essential to develop solutions that address the key findings and then construct a sustainability plan that drives implementation and continual monitoring of progress and development.

Each of the services Sapentis offers can form part of an effective plan however it is important to select the ones that best fit your needs. Our flexible, modular approach allows us to tailor a programme to suit your exact requirements.

Our solutions may contain some of these options although they are also offered separately:

  • Regular ‘on-line’ assessment

  • On-Line video communications

  • Coaching Development Programme

  • Specialist Coach Mentor Programme

  • Access to our ‘On Line Toolkit

  • Regular skills evaluation programmes

  • Change Management expertise

What our clients say

As an organisation, we are delighted with the customer focus and commercial understanding that Sapentis have shown. Our people work together in a spirit of true partnership and Sapentis have become a key part of our team. Sapentis now carry out the majority of audit activities for our Commercial Operations and we are more than happy to recommend their services to any other organisation.

Commercial Account Manager and Audits Lead,
Top 5 pharma.

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