Case Studies

Our clients told us that they wanted to understand in more detail what the team skills issues were to help accelerate sales, why they had poor compliance to commercial deals etc…

Evaluation and optimisation

Our client had recently launched a new product which was not showing the expected sales growth. In concert with Sapentis’ Australian partner they developed a six month programme to evaluate the team’s initial skill level, instigate targeted development and repeat the evaluation as part of a re-launch strategy…

Sapentis Ensures High Compliance to Brand Equalisation Deal

Sapentis were involved in the build up to a new brand equalisation deal agreed between a top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer and a large pharmacy chain. High compliance to the deal was essential for both parties; the pharmacy to maximise its rebate and the manufacturer to maintain profits on a much slimmer margin…

Maintenance of Brand Equalisation Compliance Across Multiple Chains

A major UK manufacturer had put in place many brand equalisation deals but had no effective way of monitoring them. They suspected that compliance was poor as revenues were far below that which they were expecting and needed a method of establishing the level of adherence to each deal and improving compliance…





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