Who We Are

We specialise in Assessment, Evaluation and Sustainability programmes for the life science sector. We focus on the effectiveness of brand campaign implementation and we help align your strategy with the skills, knowledge and attitude of your customer facing teams.

We have developed our methods and techniques through more than 375 international projects. We bring both our experience and statistics into our reports, giving you answers to important questions, recommendations based on facts not assumption and support to make the changes needed. Since 2007 our programmes have taken us to 37 countries for 35 pharmaceutical companies. We have worked in 27 languages.

No matter where you are in the world we can work with you and deliver meaningful analysis with actionable recommendations.

When we have delivered a successful programme for you, our involvement doesn’t need to stop there. We can provide the tools for change and help you develop and implement on-going plans to sustain improvements.






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Boehringer Ingelheim