8 Tips For Sales Team Motivation

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From sales superstars to new starters… ‘everyone needs to win at some level’ to feel valued and motivated. Sellers can feel worthless, if they can’t compete with their peers. It is vital to create a flexible and personal rewards program to improve sales, team motivation and employee retention.

1 – Identify the motivational drivers of your sales team

  • Find out what inspires and motivates each sales person
  • Write down what works best and craft personalised goals
  • Formulate a personalised plan to support their sales success and increase job satisfaction
  • Create specific goals and set realistic targets for each employee
  • Attach personalised incentives to their commission structure
  • Relevant and thoughtful rewards often have a higher perceived value vs the monetary equivilant
  • Aside from cash… others are motivated by an exciting work environment, career progression, team bonding excercises

2 – Keep regular contact with your sales team

  • Lead by example and remember to reflect behaviours that you expect from your team
  • Ensure positivity when conducting sales team meetings… energise!
  • Address any sales challenges and suggest ideas for improvement
  • Ask them if they are happy!
  • Ask about any issues concerning the sales team environment
  • Ask if there any other issues that may be limiting their sales effectiveness

3 – Motivate sellers through learning

  • Keep sales training sessions short and try to make them entertaining and memorable
  • Develop your emotional intelligence to support sensitivity to the feelings and needs of those in your team
  • Explore incentivised opportunities for sales coaching sessions from your sales superstars
  • Assign an aspiring sales leader to mentor and enthuse your new starters
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your sales team and set goals in line with their personal development plans
  • Appoint external consultants to highlight opportunities and provide constructive reviews to support future sales success

4 – Support sales team motivation with the right technology

  • Ensure your CRM solution has a positive influence on the sales process
  • Intutive and accurate reporting increases sales team efficiency and motivation
  • Remember that some sales people may require an initial training period
  • Make notes on how this process can be evolved to enhance ongoing team development
  • Evaluate online resources that can also be used to drive sales
  • Allow your sales team the freedom to build long term positive relationships with clients through community oriented channels to market

5 – Set achievable goals and market aligned reward schemes

  • If your sales team is underperforming due to a slump in the market, help motivate by lowering commission structures and quotas
  • Once the market starts to pick up then raise targets and quotas accordingly

6 – Motivate little and often

  • Motivate staff to push themselves further on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Engineer interim bonuses to motivate salespeople and support their longer term season sales quotas
  • Offer experience days, lunches or some cool tech for example for most sales in one week
  • Incentivise at the right level to promote friendly competition and improve success rates

7 – Ensure genuine and timely sales success recognition

  • Congratulate those that have reached their goals by publicly announcing their achievements at sales meetings
  • Ask sellers about the specifics of their sales success and ask them to share their experience with the team e.g. their ability to deal with common sales objections
  • Follow up with an email to congratulate them or even better send them a personalised letter with details of their achievement and reward
  • Introduce target achievers to your senior sales superstars or invite them to attend a sales strategy meeting

8 – Develop a community team spirit

  • Sellers can often feel isolated and sometimes afraid to ask for additional guidance
  • Ask individuals to openly share key aspects of their sales techniques with others
  • Offer rewards to encourage sellers to share their experiences and tips for the greater good of the team
  • Conduct sales team meetings in different locations to help inspire and create interest
  • Arrange external events for your salesteam to get to know one another

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