7 Self Appraisal Questions for Call Centre Sales Teams

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You admire and aspire to replicate the success of the top call centre sales performers but sometimes you struggle to close deals. You’d like a bigger slice of the cake, the kudos and the rewards that go with it… but how can you help yourself?

A great way to help improve your situation is a quick self appraisal. Take a closer and honest look at your sales techniques!

Are you talking too much?

  • You may well be the king of banter… however overloading your prospect with too much information is never a good idea!
  • Once prospects have extracted all the information they need from you it just gives them the opportunity to end the call to think things over.
  • Sharing too much information in one hit creates less incentive for a follow up call and reduces your chances of making a sale.

Are you a good listener?

  • You can significantly improve sales call success by spending more time listening carefully to the needs of your prospects!
  • Clarify that you have correctly understood the customer’s challenges and requirements. Beyond this your are better placed to evaluate the need and support the sale.

Are you asking the right questions?

  • Asking the right questions will keep prospects interested and demonstrate a genuine understanding of their needs.
  • It will also determine whether your solution is right for your prospects and make best use of everyone’s time.
  • Your efforts will be far more effective if you try to avoid interrupting or talking over your prospects.

Are you complicating the sales process?

  • Your goal is to enable prospects to make an informed decision as to whether they’ll make a purchase.
  • Your chances of making a sale are increased by keeping things simple.

What part of the sales process do you enjoy least?

  • Evaluate each stage of your sales call and rate what works best for you.
  • Identify areas that are impacting on your sales potential. If something is clearly not working it’s time to try another approach.
  • Ask what works best for others. Don’t be afraid to share your challenges and ideas with your peers!

Are you equipped to handle sales objections?

  • Identify the common sales objections as early as possible in the sales process.
  • If you are clear why there is resistance or hesitation to making a purchase, you will be better prepared to handle sales objections and increase your success rate!

Is it time to ask for some further sales training?

  • You are frustrated that your sales success rate is spectacularly satisfactory despite your best efforts.
  • If you can’t quiet put your finger on where things are falling down, don’t be afraid to ask for some additional sales training!
  • Sales evaluation can highlight opportunities to improve your sales effectiveness and increase motivation.
  • In the meantime perhaps you can team up with a high sales performer?
  • What can you learn from their approach?

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